Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Publication imminent!

I have finally reached a decision: self-publication via Lulu. This is the cheapest way to get published. It offers Print on Demand (POD) and I will be releasing it as an e-book as well.

The e-book decision was a difficult one to take but I need to get myself out there and if it means accepting the electronic form of the book, so be it. It will be cheaper for readers to purchase BUT, just think you will not have me on your bookshelf if you choose that route.

Of course, you could buy both versions!!!!

I am currently working on the cover design, which equates to 'I have given my ideas to someone who can do these things'. As soon as that is achieved I push the button.

And once I have pushed the button I will be shamelessly self-promoting. Stand by your beds!

And on that note I must return to my marketing plan and knuckle down. Writing the book was the easy part, now I have to sell it.

Chin chin