Tuesday, 8 May 2012

There's always a fiesta in Spain


Sayalonga was bursting with life. Music clashed in the afternoon heat as DJs and bands vied for supremacy. The sickly sweet aroma of churros vanquished all other smells.  The village partied in recognition of its plentiful fruit – the níspero (medlar). 

The plaza was dominated by a stage and seating – two singers belted out Spanish and international hits. The music pulsed down the side streets past tables of families seated in the shade of the sails that draped between the buildings. Fire and Guardia Civil officers stood idle, eating ice-cream; there, just in case.

Children darted between the feet of the elders. Men, faces weathered by sun and wind, carried their nísperos home. The village’s Andalus choir, resplendent in their purple flamenco dresses, stirred the Spanish spirit. Impromptu flamenco dancing broke out around the plaza; hands and feet beat out the rhythm. 
Smiles and laughter reigned triumphant as the duende took hold.